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Applying for the program of bachelor based on diploma of junior specialist (after college of technikum)


If the specialty that you choose in KPI “Igor Sikorski “ is included in Appendix 4 Condition for admission to universities in 2017, you have the right to pass entrance examinations in subjects, required for entry, or for reexamination of the grade for Independent External Examination (if you have passed it) and qualify for place on state order (if available in this field).


If you chose a specialty not included in Appendix 4 in rule for admission to universities in 2017, then you have to choose one of two options:

  1. Apply for your related specialty, the profession, which more or less continues your primary specialty training, carried out by government order (if space is available for chosen specialty).
  2. Admission with change in specialty to related specialty, where there is no budget order, or no free space in the group, to which the applicant applies, is carried out on the expense of individual or entities (contract).

The list of subjects for the entrance test

  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • History of Ukraine

Deadline for document submission

  • From July 12 to July 24 2017

Terms of entrance examinations

  • From July 25 to July 31 2017

The program for additional tests for admission to educational and professional program of bachelor, specialty 081 Law on integrated training curriculum based on the acquired educational qualification level “specialist”.

You can look at the work schedule of the admission commission on the website