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The department is trained by specialists in the field of rights for the educational program “Information Law and Intellectual Property Rights”.

Graduates of the department are specialists in the following areas of law: criminal law and process, civil law and process, information law and security, intellectual property, international public and private law, and others.

According to the Rules of admission to the KPI them. Igor Sikorsky in 2020, the following coefficients for the competitive subjects for the entry of certificates of externality for the educational-qualification level “Bachelor” are defined:

1. Ukrainian language and literature *
2. History of Ukraine *
3. Foreign language ** OR Mathematics *

Competition ball = UM * 0.35 + IU * 0.45 + IM / M * 0.2
The competition score must be at least 140.0 points.

From 2019 year the recruitment of students by the diploma of junior specialist on specialty 081 Law is not implemented.

Terms of training:
bachelor (b) – 3 years 10 months; bachelor
Bachelor (B) – 3 years 10 months; bachelor
Tuition fee (one year 2018-2019):
Day – bachelor (b) – 34200 UAH / year
Part-time – Bachelor (B) – UAH 25000 / year

Non-resident students are provided with a hostel, students for part-time study at the time of the exam session.

August 13, 2020 Beginning of submission of applications and documents
August 16, 2020 Application deadline for admissions and entry documents, which comprise entrance examinations / creative competitions / interviews
August 22, 2020 Completion of admission of applications and documents from entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education
August 27, 2020 Publication of recommendations for places under public order
August 31, 2020 Ending the receipt of originals for enrollment under the state order
September 5, 2020 Order for enrollment under the state order

Reference information:
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KPI them Igor Sikorsky, building 7 and 19
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