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According to the law, in 2020, admission to studies for obtaining a master’s degree on the basis of the obtained bachelor’s degree in specialty 081 “Law” is based on the results of external independent assessment.

For entering on the specialty 081 “Law” the points of a single professional entrance examination using organizational and technological processes of external independent evaluation, which has the following components:

  • test on the right;
  • test of general educational legal competence;
  • foreign language test (English, German, French).

Terms of training: 

Daytime – Master (m) – 1.4 years.
Extramural – Master (m) – 1.4 years.

Payment for studies (one year) for 2020-2021:

Master’s, full-time study form -37 500 UAH per year.

Master, correspondence form of studies -25 000 UAH per year.

Payment – possible semester.


Non-resident students are provided with a hostel, students for part-time study at the time of the exam session.


Fill in the registration form on “Open Door Open Day”. We will do several Open Doors days and be sure to specify in advance which day you will be more comfortable to visit us.


Department of Information Law and Intellectual Property Rights of FSP KPI them. Igor Sikorsky
Phone: +38 (044) 204 91 59