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About Department

If we consider humanity as a whole, it is now moving from industrial to an informational society, where the object of relations is not wealth, but the ideal – the information, ideas and knowledge. Total automatization of most areas of social life associated is connected with the information as a need for society. This increases the social level of human life, work productivity in various sectors, where working population mainly focused. But any information becomes the object of a potential threat from intruders, intruders that infringe on its integrity, completeness, and privacy. Thus, offenses can be expressed in opening access, destruction, distortion of information, or change in information content. Also inexhaustible demand of the labor market for specialists in the field of intellectual property rights is caused by the accelerated pace of scientific and technological progress. It has become easier to violate copyrights, and it is more difficult to defend them. Scientific ideas and experiments, inventions and discoveries – is only a partial list of the objects of scientific and intellectual property which man armed with reason can create. Results of any creativity give rise to the formation of the legitimate rights of the inventor, the definition of terms of infringement and process of protection features. Based on the above information, the Department offers specialization

“Information law and intellectual property rights.”