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Legal Clinic “DEFENDO” operates in the Faculty of Sociology and Law in NTU “KPI” from April 1, 2011 as the basis for improving theoretical knowledge, practical training for students and providing free professional legal assistance.


  1. Legal Clinic provides free legal assistance to citizens of the following categories:

– The protection of constitutional rights and freedoms;

– Civil, family, housing, labor, administrative, economic, civil procedure, administrative procedure law;

– Protection of minors and underage people.

  1. Legal Clinic provides help in the form of advice (either verbally or in writing and via the Internet), the preparation of the necessary procedural documents and legal documents, but does not protect the rights and represent clients in courts and other government agencies, enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as upon individuals.

Legal advice is provided by students of the Faculty of Sociology and Law, who are not professional lawyers.

Legal advice provided in the premises of the legal clinic, located at:

  1. Borschagivska, 124 Educational Bldg. №19, Aud. 329-1.

Phone: +38 (044) 236 09 25

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