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After graduation, students successfully work in law enforcement agencies, public administration, advocacy, banking institutions, legal services of state enterprises, commercial institutions, etc. By choosing the appropriate specialization, students have the opportunity to study in depth the legal regulation of intellectual property and legal issues in the business sector as well as work in these areas.
The knowledge gained during the study in the specialty law, give an opportunity to work in any field of legal activity. General list of professions that students can work after obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the specialty “Law”:

  • lawyer;
  • notary;
  • prosecutor;
  • legal counsel;
  • Representative in matters of intellectual property (patent attorney);
  • Arbitrage Manager;
  • state registrar;
  • investigator;
  • Head of Legal and Administrative Divisions;
  • teacher of higher educational establishments;
  • public service professional.

Also systematically within the KPI them. Igor Sikorsky held a fair of vacancies. During the Fair students and graduates of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky can get acquainted with the activities of companies, find out about available vacancies get information about open employment programs internships.